Welcome to my new blog, very thoughtfully and creatively entitled Dr Jay blogs! As a medical practitioner I come across a vast array of interesting cases and topics from the bread and butter stuff to the downright weird and wonderful, and the unifying feature in each of them is that there is a person at the centre of it all. And that is the very reason why I do what I do, and why I love what I do.

I’m a GP trainee, soon to be a fully fledged General Practitioner with a real passion for medical education, and an emerging interest in medical writing, hence the new blog. Outside of medicine I enjoy cooking (and eating), karate, running and meditation.

My aim for the blog is to have my space to share news, interesting cases or articles, to share educational tools and to reflect on my own practice as a doctor. There are new things that I learn every day on the job, and so this can also be a place to share my new discoveries too.

Anyway, I hope you will come back very soon for my first proper post, and for many more to come in the near future!


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